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25 April 2023



Catherine Fraser was surprised by Yianni and Daniel from Ashville, with her new BMW 330 CI SPORT & it was definitely one of out best surprises so far!

One day before the surprise, Yianni spoke to Simon, who was Catherine’s surprise number and found out that we were not able to surprise her on the same day and so Yianni decided to give her a call.

We were greeted by laughter from Catherine and didn’t even know which prize she could’ve won as she entered on a lot of prizes. Can you imagine, Catherine has only been a member for less that a month from seeing Yianni on Youtube and decided to give it a go. 


When Yianni revealed Catherine’s win, her heart was racing with excitement and told us that she only entered 4 tickets for the BMW. Imagine £4 for a BMW 330 CI SPORT! In the Beginning, Catherine was skeptical of the competitions but through seeing Yianni in Ashville and being a big fan of Daniel, she decided to trust in the competitions and it led her to a BIG WIN!


We thought it was a great idea to bring Daniel along with us to drop off her car and so the plan was to meet up with Catherine and pretend it was just someone from the Yiannimize Team driving the car in but when Catherine saw Daniel, she was overjoyed!

As Catherine says “The gifts just keep on coming!” In our opinion, we feel like she was more excited to see Daniel than her car. It definitely became ‘The Daniel and Catherine show’ once he arrived! Even making jokes if Daniel was a complimentary gift. 

Overall, Catherine was very chuffed that she won and had the bonus of meeting Daniel for the first time. She says that not anyone wins the first time and for her she was just very lucky but it is genuine as the car is with her right now!

A Big Congratulations to Catherine, We loved her genuine reaction and we hope she doesn’t love her car less without Daniel.



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