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Y Club FAQs

How Do I Sign Up to the Y Club & What Is The Cost?

To sign up all you have to do is click on the Sign Up button at the top of our home page and enter all your details. The cost is £19.99 per month.

When I Become A Y Club Member What Do I Get?

Once you become an exclusive member you will receive a membership card in the post. You will also receive 50% off all future ticket purchases while you are a member, along with a credit on your account of £9.99 to use on any competitions you choose. In addition, we will also provide you with exclusive Y Club member’s discount opportunities.

How Can I Cancel My Membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership you can do this by going to the member's area in the Y Club Member section of our website.

Can I Transfer My Membership?

Your exclusive membership is only for you to use and benefit from. It is non-transferable to any other person. The use and the benefits are for the sole purpose of the membership holder.

How Do I Pay For My Subscription?

Once you become a member and pay for the first month your subscription payments on the following months will be paid by your desired method you would have selected when you signed up.

Where is my Y Club discount code?

Your discount code is in the member's area of the website under the Y Club member section.

General FAQs

How Do I Enter The Competition?

It’s a very simple process, firstly pick the competitions you want to enter and select the number of entries you want. Proceed through the process by selecting your coordinates on "Spot the Coin" and then check out.

How Many Tickets Can I Buy?

There is no limit on how many tickets you can buy.

How Is The Winner Decided?

The location of the coin at the time of the draw is decided by three independent Judges and will be shown live across our three platforms Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The winner is simply the person who is closest to the judged position.  The winner will receive the prize corresponding to their winning ticket. 

How Long Do I Have To Claim My Prize?

You will have a 14 day period to claim your prize. We will have your contact details from the information you provide when you register so we have many ways to get in contact with you if you miss the live draws.

Can I Sell The Prize If I Don’t Want It?

If you're the lucky winner, you can do as you please with your prize - it's yours!

How Long Will It Take For My Prize To Be Delivered?

Each prize will be delivered to your registered address or place of work within 7 working days of the draw. If you cannot wait that long you can always come and collect your prize from our HQ. All prizes are subject to their respective lead times.

How Will You Use Our Personal Details?

All our customers' data will be stored in our GDPR system to protect ourselves and you. We will send you emails and texts to let you know of any offers or live draw dates and if you're the lucky winner we will contact you by phone to let you know the good news! We will not share any of your details with any 3rd parties.

Where Do I See My Purchases?

All your purchases are in your member's area under “My Tickets.” The tickets will appear individually here along with your chosen coordinates.

When Do I Get My £9.99 Credit As A Y Club member?

You will be credited with £9.99 each month on the day of your monthly payment.

What Happens If I Don't Use My Credit?

Your credit stays in your account until you use it. It has no expiry date.

Many Prizes Are Available, Will They All Be Won At The Draw?

There will be one winner when we do the draw. The winner will receive the prize they played for in accordance to their respective ticket.

Where Can I Find My Tickets For A Competition That Has Ended?

You can find your tickets in the "Dashboard" Section of "My Account".

Ready. Set. Play. FAQs

How many tickets will be available for each prize?

We will display on each prize how many tickets are available.  Each prize will have its own availability on the number of tickets.

Will the competition end date ever be extended?

NO.  We will never extend the end date. We will always commit to the competition end date and draw date.  

What happens if the tickets for a competition do not sell out?

The draw will happen even if we do not sell all the tickets. We will still give away the prize and the set end date regardless.

How is the draw done for Ready Set Play?

The draw will be on the pre-set draw date and will be on a livestream using the Random Number Generator.

How many tickets can I buy?

On each prize we will let you know how many tickets you can buy for the prize.  Each prize will have different limits.

Refer a Friend FAQs

How do I refer a friend?

Once you have logged in to your account and you are an active Y-Club Member, go to "My Referrals" in "My Account"

When will I receive my credit?

You will receive your credit 7 days after your friend successfully joins and does not cancel.

Where does my credit show?

Your credit will show in "My Account". You can also see how much credit you have earnt from referrals in "My Referrals" dashboard.

When will my friend receive their credit?

Your friend will receive their credit after their 2nd subscription monthly payment is made.

How many people can I refer?

You can refer up to 100 people a day.

If you have any further questions, please email the team at

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For every month as a member, you will receive £9.99 credit to spend on ticket purchases which are 50% discounted with your exclusive discount code. Cancel anytime.



£19.99 £9.99 (per month, cancel anytime)

  • For every month as a member, you will receive £9.99 credit to spend on ticket purchases which are 50% discounted with your exclusive discount code
  • Exclusive entries for prizes and offers in addition to additional offers and perks
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