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04 July 2023



To celebrate Yianni’s birthday this year, we decided to do something Big and Special. 2 years ago, Yianni gave away a Lamborghini SV roadster and so this year we decided to do a collaboration with Urban Automotive, to give away a Defender 110 with the full urban kit for anyone to enter. Not only that but we threw in a £50,000 cash alternative and so for those that may not be feeling the car, they can get a life-changing amount of money instead.

The Urban Defender 110 was live for a month for a price cheaper than a takeaway. With tickets from £4.99 if you are a Y-Club member and £9.99 if you are a non Y-Club member.

We saw everyone’s excitement around this competition and so we thought it was fitting to treat everyone with a chance to watch the draw live on Facebook and Instagram on Monday July 3rd at 6:10pm.

It was July 3rd and everyone has been anticipating the big winner reveal for the Urban Defender. Once the competition ended at 6pm, Yianni couldn’t hold his excitement in and started the live immediately on both platforms and it was time for the big reveal.

Yianni used our random name generator to draw the lucky winner and revealed that it is Nasir Mukhtar from Northampton, who we saw wasn’t a member. Yianni gave him a call and Nasir picked up straight away and said that He was on the live and got to experience his big win.

Nasir then offered if Yianni wanted to carry on the conversation on FaceTime, which was great to hear his enthusiasm in wanting to speak to Yianni. Once Yianni was on FaceTime with Nasir, we saw that he was still at work, working as an accountant and we had to ask him why he isn’t a member!

Nasir explains that He only found out about Yiannimize Competitions 3 weeks ago, through a Youtube driving test video that Yianni was involved in. He saw that The Lamborghini that Yianni was driving was up on the website and so Nasir thought, might as well give it a go on the next competition.

Nasir told us that He already owns a Basic green Defender, 2020 model and was looking for something new and so He bought 25 tickets for the Urban Defender and as a non-Yclub member, He paid an overall amount of £250. However, If he was a Y-club member he would’ve had the perks of paying half price. 

All in all, we want to say a Massive Congratulations to Nasir for his win and we can’t wait to meet him in person, which He agreed to visit Urban Milton Keynes. The question is will he trade up for the 2023 Urban Defender or swap it for £50,000 Tax-Free Cash!


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