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27 March 2023



Russell Smith from Birmingham is the lucky winner of the BMW E36 ALPINA! He’s been a member since the very beginning, playing for all types of prizes but never knew he would win something big like a car!

This was one of Yianni’s favourite cars and so it was a big deal for him to surprise this winner & luckily he had a surprise number. Yianni called Georgia his girlfriend who said Russell won’t be home until 5pm due to work but that didn’t stop Yianni from driving to Birmingham.

Yianni brings Zo along to drive the Alpina to Birmingham with him and their journey begins! During their trip, they were teasing all of those who entered for the car on where they were going and eventually they got to their destination. 

If you follow @yiannimizecompetitions, you would’ve seen Yianni’s live, trying to figure out where Russells house was but He eventually got there. Russell was definitely overwhelmed seeing Yianni with the car on his driveway and was just speechless from excitement and shock!

Russell explained how he was just about to fall asleep and was waiting for the announcement of the winner on social media, not knowing that it was him. Even when Yianni handed him the keys, Russell still couldn’t believe the Alpina was his!

We decided to catch up with Russell the next day after his win & He explained that looking at the car is still a pinch me moment for him and that He never thought he would win after being a member since the beginning.

Imagine This… Being a member, Russell was able to use the credit he saved up from the moment he joined to play for the Alpina and out of his surprise, He Won! It just shows that being a member can truly help you win in the future.

As Russell says, “You have to be in it to win it, you never it could be you!”

A Big Congratulations again to Russell & we hope this is the first of many wins!


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