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24 July 2021

The 3 Kia Picanto Y-Club Giveaway

On the 23rd of July, we gave away 3 Kia Picantos to 3 lucky Y-Club members selected by our Y-Club Member generator. 

To be entered into this draw, they did not have to do anything more than just be a Y-Club member. They did not even need to buy a ticket! 

On our live draw, we selected 3 very lucky members and gave them a call to break the news to them!


Yianni also brought out his Greek Calculator and gave 10 Y-Club Members £50 credit each using our Member Generator.

Toby Dickman

Mateusz Adamczyk

Jac Greenwood

Lee Cummins

Jordan Cattrall

Paulette Lloyd

Yitzy Filip

Marcus Zwarycz

James Roberts

Khaleel Kathrapa


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