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25 May 2023




We always love meeting our winners when they come to collect their prizes and Richard and Aaron were the 2 lucky winners of the week, who were thrilled to pick up their prize at Yiannimize Enfield.

Richard, our Karcher Vacuum cleaner winner, connected straight away with Yianni as they both have a love for the football team, Arsenal. Yianni points out Richard’s Cannon Hoodie and his AFC numberplate on his car which was great for Yianni to meet another Arsenal fan.

We had to ask if his family knew of Yiannimize and the competitions and Richard explains that it was his family who started watching his Youtube channel and so He decided to join in as He is actually a big car fan.

Because Richard is a car fanatic, we think his prize is quite ideal for him. He told us that he actually recently bought a new pressure washer and so when He got the call saying he had won a Karcher, Jamie couldn’t believe it as he just got one a few days ago. But then realized that it wasn’t a pressure washer He entered for but instead it was the Vacuum cleaner and so it was meant to be!

We also have Aaron, who was the winner of the Ferrari Watch. We found out that he has been a member for awhile and He finally got his win and it was definitely a good one.

He won the Ferrari Watch but came in a BMW shirt and so Yianni joked if we should’ve gotten him a BMW watch instead but Aaron explained that He loves Ferrari and has other Ferrari items in his car and so it was worth the win. 

We are thinking of putting up a Ferrari in the competitions and so now that Aaron has won the watch, we think it’s time for him to win the car next. 

A Big Congratulations to both of our winners, who came to collect their amazing prizes at Yiannimize Enfield & We hope this is the start of many wins for them.

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