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22 Winners

Y-Club Exclusive: The £10K Giveaway

22 Winners

£10K Giveaway turned into more than just £10K

On the 9th of July 2021, we entered all of our Y-Club members into a £10k giveaway draw. We livestreamed the whole draw and each winner was selected using our random member number generator. If you missed the livestream, you can find the full stream on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Instagram Livestream Video

Facebook Livestream Video

As always with Yianni's giveaways, his Greek generosity or his Greek calculator comes out, we don't know which one it was this time but what we do know is that he was supposed to give away £10k but that ended up being £12k. This is just one of the many perks of being a Y-Club Member.

Today the plan was to have 10 winners, this became 22! 

10 winners won the initial giveaway of £1,000 each. 10 more winners won £100 credit each. And finally, 2 more winners won £500 cash each!

So on that note, here is a massive shoutout to the Giveaway Winners

£10k Giveaway - £1,000 Cash each

1. Anuj Lakhani

2. Dean Mortimore 

3. Joe Attard

4. Scott Clements

5. Christian CIO

6. James Knowles

7. Andi Bermema

8. Darren Johnston

9. James Douglas

10.Aytaban Latif.

£1,000 Giveaway - £100 credit each

1. Darren McRae

2. Waqar Hussain

3. Satchel Patel

4. Antonio Cozzolino

5. Daniel Broadhead

6. Mohammed Rahman

7. Lewis Cudd

8. Mark Stone

9. Gareth Jones

10. Chrysanthi Herodotou

£1,000 Giveaway - £500 each

1. Mirza Suhail.

2. Raymond Anderson

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