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07 June 2022

Yianni takes the wrong cheque to Birmingham!

Yianni takes the wrong cheque to Birmingham!


After Matt was recently told he was going to be made redundant, he was left feeling anxious and unsure of what he was going to do.

Luckily he had played for £10,000 in Ready Set Play and was drawn to be the big winner!


Yianni initially told Matt he had won £5,000 and he and his wife were over the moon. Pretending the wrong amount had been written on the cheque, Yianni went back to the car to get a different cheque with a MASSIVE £10,000 written on it.

He couldn't believe it as he was quite content with £5,000! His wife told us they had been through some hard times recently, and this filled her with the hope that things are back on their way up for them. 

Congratulations to Matt on his big win, and we hope this money sees him well with his career and family!

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