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16 May 2023



In April, we did a giveaway for £500 for 5 weeks in our competitions and Yianni decided to surprise call our winner!

Kimmy Gray is the lucky winner and when she answered Yianni’s call, she recognized who he was straight away. If you are a big fan, you would definitely know Yianni’s voice by now. 

Kimmy was pleased with her prize, especially as it came at the right time when she was about to give up with work and so having £500 a week is an added bonus for her. 

A month later, now that we have sent her last payment, we wanted to catch up with her to see how her winnings have treated her and if she did anything special with it.

We spoke to Kimmy and she explained to us how she knew Yianni’s voice straight away. She said she’s been a big fan of Yianni’s since ‘Wrap my banger’ on Youtube and She actually met Yianni in person when she dropped off her car to Yiannimize Enfield to take part in Yianni’s Youtube channel for his ‘Guess The Car’ videos.


It was actually surprising that Yianni didn’t remember her but she was still grateful for the call and win. Her winning process was very smooth and She got her payment straight away and promptly at the end of every week, which was definitely a bonus after a long working week.

She told us she only entered 20 tickets for the prize and because she was a Y-Club member she got it half price and so it was definitely a perk that she won. Ofcourse, we had to ask her what she did with her winnings, if she saved it or used it for something good and Kimmy explained that she had a checklist of things she wanted to do and it helped her a lot to achieve that.

Her prize definitely came at the right time as her car blew and so she used some of the money to get new parts and help her get the wheels that she’s always wanted for her Lexus. Kimmy also got to treat herself by booking a few trips/concerts with her friends that she’s been putting on hold that now she can do.

It was great to hear that her win was a real treat for her and that she is still entering our competitions for either more cash prizes or the new cars on our website. Now that she has won, she persuaded her mum to also become a member and We sure hope that her mum gets a lucky win soon.

A Big Congratulations to Kimmy and we hope to see her again soon at Yiannimize HQ to show off her newly improved car!


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