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30 November 2021

How the new Refer a Friend works!

“Refer A Friend” allows you as a Y-Club Member to invite your friends and family to join the Y-Club.

When they become a member, you will automatically receive an additional £10 Credit on the 7th day after they join.

They will also receive an additional £10 Credit after their 2nd month's membership payment.


So how do you Refer a Friend?

In your "My Account" you should find a new tab called "My Referrals"

If you are a Y-Club Member, you will have the option to invite your friends. All you need to do is insert their name and email.

Remember, the same person cannot be invited more than once or by more than one person. This will also not work if they were a Y-Club Member before.

You will then be able to see your dashboard to check the status of each invite you sent and check how much credit you have earned.

Join the YClub!

For every month as a member, you will receive £9.99 credit to spend on ticket purchases which are 50% discounted with your exclusive discount code. Cancel anytime.