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05 April 2023



Michael Ablitt was the lucky winner of the Afternoon Tea for 2 prize on the 7th of March!

It was nearing to Mother’s day when we released this prize and so we thought it would be a great idea for the winner to bring their mum as a great surprise.

Unfortunately, Michael’s mum lives quite far from them and so He wasn’t able to take her to an Afternoon Tea Experience, but the question is… Has he been able to enjoy his prize after a month’s time?

We decided to catch up with him and see if He has gone out for tea with someone special. Michael explained to us that He hasn’t had the time to go out and do the experience because of the weather, but him and his partner have already been planning on when they will be doing it. It is fair enough to say that everyone’s waiting for the weather to get better to start doing all the things they want to do.

Being a member from the start, He has been playing for multiple prizes and never expected to win this time around, especially as He is able to treat his loved one. 

Michael explains how they’ve been looking at Afternoon Tea places around London and would make a day out of it by exploring Leicester Square and see a movie. We thought it sounded like a great and wholesome plan between the two of them and we really hope they enjoy their time.

We had to ask if He is still entering the competitions and if He is wishing for a bigger win. Michael explains that his ultimate win would be if He won a cash prize, especially as him and his partner are looking to find a house for themselves. A car would be a dream for Michael to win, as at the moment He doesn’t own a car but for the meantime, a house was the priority.

As Michael says “I’ve always been happy to be part of the Yiannimize family, being a member for so long and finally winning it just shows that you have to Be in it to win it!”. 

With that attitude, we truly believe that one day He will get his wish of winning a cash prize, especially as we’ve been giving away a lot of FREE ENTRY prizes to our members and our Instant Cash prizes!

Overall, Congratulations to Michael and we hope his day out with his partner turns out amazing. We are definitely awaiting his next BIG win!

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