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28 February 2023



Christina was the lucky winner of £500 for 12 months last March and as it’s been a year since her win, we wanted to catch up with her to  find out what she ended up using the money for.

In March 2022, we put up a prize of £6,000 but spread it into monthly payments, making it a £500 prize for 12 months! Yianni decided to call our winner & this was Christina who was in her car at the time Yianni surprised her. She was shocked as she was playing for a few prizes and totally forgot that she played for the cash and so this was definitely worth the surprise. 


Yianni invited her to come to Yiannimize in Enfield to pick up her cheque and catch up on how she felt after her win & what she will be doing with the cash moving forward. Christina explained that it will really help her save up for a house which was her plan for 2023!


One year later, we decided to catch up with her before her last ever payment for her win and this is what we found out!

Christina continued her plan of saving the money monthly for her future house  but also used it for pleasure to treat her family to take a trip back to Portugal, where she is originally from. She explained that it was nice to go back to Portugal as when Covid hit, it stopped her from going back to see her family and so it was a nice reunion for them. 

We asked if she still was a member & we loved to hear that she still continues to enter in the competitions & is waiting for her second win! We were intrigued to know how she ended up entering the competitions and found out that she was actually referred by a family friend and on her first month of playing she ended up winning. It just shows that you can win no matter if you are an early member or not!

After her win, she decided to carry on referring her family who finally believed that there was a possibility of winning in the competitions and till this day her dad still tries to enter in to win one of the Motorbikes in the Ultimate Competition! 

Overall she was super grateful for her win and for the experience of meeting both Yianni and the team! We wish her the best of luck on her house hunting & Hope she gets to win again for the 2nd time!

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