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26 January 2023



If you remember… Last March, Barash Mustafov from Walthamstow won the Polo R-Line + £2,500 TAX FREE CASH in the Ultimate Competition🙌

He was our FIRST EVER SURPRISE WINNER as the team decided to stop all the live draws & start doing surprise visits for winners, to make their win more heartfelt and personal😍. It is fair to say Barash gave us the best reaction😅, eventhough we didn’t have the car present but had a Polo candy instead, he was still extremely shocked & grateful to win not only cash but A CAR, just by playing one ticket on it!🤯


If you want to see his amazing reaction again… Watch the video below⬇️


It was time to spec Barash’s Polo R-Line & Yianni went with him as it was his first time getting a new car. They decided on the perfect colour that suited him, 17 inch wheels, heated seats & in particular a beats sound system.

It was very important for us to help him build a car that is to his liking but unfortunately due to the car shortage at the time, Barash still needed to wait a few more months for his prize. Nonetheless, it was still a life changing moment for him to win such an amazing prize & He didn’t mind the wait.


➡️ Click Here to see the Video of him Speccing his car with Yianni ⬅️


BUT… Has anyone wondered what happened to him & if he actually got his car in the end🤔. Well, we’ve got some news for you!🤭

As you saw, the car had been specced & was ready to be shipped after a few months but as we caught up with Barash again📱, He told us that his plan was to give the car to his sister but she still didn’t know how to drive, meaning the answer to your question is… He didn’t end up getting the car & got the cash alternative instead💰

If I was him, I would still take the car to persuade my sister to finish her driving as quickly as possible, for her to get the Polo! 👀

During our catch up with Barash we asked him what his plans are moving forward, now as he had been given the cash alternative and his answer was very relatable to everyone at the moment, as he is planning on using the money to buy a new house🏠. However, as the property market is fluctuating at the moment it is quite hard to do that and so once the property ladder goes down he will be ready!🔥

There were definitely no hard feelings & We wish him all the best in his property search👏🏽. Barash till this day loves the competitions & still plays since he joined in June, making him one of the first few members to join which is amazing. You never know, we might see him again😏

Let us know what you will do, Will you keep the car or take the cash alternative?🤷 Follow us on @yiannimizecompetitions & Comment or DM us your answer!😉

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