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06 March 2024


Chris Scott, the recent winner of our Playstation 5 with spider man competition, visited us at Yiannimize to collect his prize.
We couldn't wait to catch up with him and hear all about his experience.
We asked Chris about how he felt about being the winner of this incredible prize. He couldn't contain his excitement and said he was absolutely gassed! He's eagerly looking forward to taking his new gaming console home and start playing.
Curious about how Chris managed to win this amazing prize? We asked Chris how many tickets he had purchased for the competition and He estimated it to be around 5 tickets which is a pretty good amount of tickets to lead him to this big win.
Chris has only been playing the competitions  for the past 4 to 5 months and this PS5 win marks his first big win. But he's not stopping there! He's already setting his sights on the bigger prizes like a shiny new car or a watch.
When we asked Chris what keeps him coming back, he said it's down to the wide variety of prizes we offer. There's prizes for everyone! He encourages others to head over to our website and start playing.
Hopefully we will be seeing Chris again, maybe winning a car or a rolex and that this is the start of his winning streak.

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