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29 November 2023



We recently released our Win.Every.Time competition, where each entry is a win and to make it even more exciting, every entry will give them automatic entry into the big cash prize at the end of the competition!

Mossin Raza and Kinnari Solanki were the 2 big winners of the end prize and Yianni was able to give them the surprise of their lives! They were both invited to collect their prize at Yiannimize HQ and luckily they agreed and we got to know more about what they will use for each win!

Mossin Raza, who won £2,500 (Ticket #13815146) was able to meet Yianni and explain that his win will help him put this money towards purchasing a car for himself. Mossin wanted Yianni to call his dad and brother to prove to them that his win was real and we are pleased to let you know that they were happy for him and was actually more excited to speak with Yianni than Mossin’s win! 

Next up, We have Kinnari, who won £2,000 cash + £1,000 site credit (Ticket #13860868). Unfortunately Yianni wasn’t able to be there and so he left her a sweet personal message, which she hugely appreciated and wished him well for his operation. 

Now that she saw her cheque in person, we asked Kinnari if she had any plans for the money and with no hesitation she said that she will use the money for a holiday after a long year! We think its a great choice… who wouldn’t want to treat themselves with a holiday?

Congratulations to our lucky winners, We wish Mossin the best of luck in finding a car and We hope Kinnari has the best time at her well deserved holiday!

If you are wishing for a win soon from us, Have a go at our Win.Every.Time competition and you never know… you may be our next big cash winner!



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