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22 February 2023



Ivan Campbell from Kidderminster is the winner of either the  PS5 or XBOX prize & has to make a decision! Yianni tries to call him on Friday but Ivan never answered so he tried again on Monday & Yianni finally got to speak to him! 

Ivan answers the phone with excitement after hearing Yianni’s voice on a Monday morning. He explains that he is a Y-club member and that he has never won anything  before, which makes this such a great treat & surprise for him 

Yianni finally asks him what he wants to take home & without hesitation he shouts “PS5 PLEASE!”. If you had the decision what would you go for?

We guessed right and knew he would ask for the PS5 but overall we are happy for him & was nice to hear that speaking to Yianni made his day.

We decided to have a catch up call with him and found out that he will be giving the PS5 to his daughter which is fitting as when we were on call with him we heard his daughter screaming at the back when Ivan picked the PS5 over the Xbox 


Overall, we hope his daughter enjoys the prize & that he wins again soon!



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