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16 May 2023



In March, We collaborated with Abraham Barlow, which is a personal shopping and lifestyle management company, dealing with loads of people that are seeking for exclusive footwear and clothing.

Callum, the owner of the business, was kind enough to work with us to giveaway a £500 voucher to his store which gives the opportunity for our members to win any types of shoes or clothing for FREE!

We like thanking our members by giving them the chance to enter for a variety of prizes for FREE & so if you are missing out, Head over to our website to sign up now!

The draw was done and our lucky winner of the £500 voucher was Lavuran Selvanayagam. He had direct contact with us and Callum about what he wanted and was happy to collect his prize at Yiannimize Enfield.


Callum brought the 2 shoes that Lavuran wanted to Enfield, which were Supreme Nike Airforce Ones and Air Jordans 1. He was definitely more excited now than before, after actually seeing the shoes that he wanted in person. 

A huge Thank you to Callum for working with us and for making Lavuran’s day with his fresh new trainers!

We wanted to catch up with Lavuran after his win and ask why he decided to enter for this specific Free Entry Prize. He told us that he was going on Holiday to Shrilanka and thought maybe having new shoes would be great for the trip and so He decided to give it a go, without knowing He would actually win.

When Lavuran got the first initial call from the team saying he had won, He thought it was one of his friends pranking him and it was not until He went to Yiannimize Enfield and met Yianni that Lavuran believed it was real!

He explained that the process was very smooth and that He didn’t wait too long to eventually get his prize. We decided to ask him, if he had shoes in mind already when he entered for the prize but Lavuran explained that he truly thought that the shoes were just going to come from JD Sports but to his surprise, He had the choice of choosing from high-end/ Exclusive brands which made his Free Entry Win much better.

Lavuran says that He has been a big fan of Yianni from the beginning and He can’t  complain that his First Win didn’t cost him anything to enter. He explains that he is still entering, mostly for cash prizes as him and his partner are looking to purchase a house soon and so extra cash would be great for their future plans.

We wish Lavuran the best in his plans and We hope this isn’t the last we see of him! 


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